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Kings Cutlery Knives and Forks


Please note: These items can only be used with the authentic 'Kings Cutlery' handles.

The 'Kings Cutlery' knife and fork range is used by hundreds of thousands of people daily. Their ergonomic design makes eating with a disability much easier. Their design not only allows for simplistic use, but also promotes high standards in regards to quality of build, hygiene and cleaning. The Kings range of knives and forks should be your very first thought for cutlery!

1. Knife
Item Code: H5520
Length: 11.2cm | Weight: 16g
2. Large Rocker Knife
Item Code: H5533
Length: 7.4cm | Weight: 40g
3. Angled Knife
Item Code: H5530
Length: 5.2cm | Weight: 26g
4. Small Rocker Knife
Item Code: H5529
Length: 3.5cm | Weight: 14g
5. Fork
Item Code: H5521
Length: 10.4cm | Weight: 18g
6. Angled Fork (Right)
Item Code: H5531R
Length: 8.8cm | Weight: 16g
7. Angled Fork (Left)
Item Code: H5531L
Length: 8.8cm | Weight: 16g
8. Splayed
Item Code: H5527
Length: 10.2cm | Weight: 18g
9. Nelson Knife
Item Code: H5528
Length: 11cm | Weight: 26g
10. Angle Adapter
Item Code: H5534
Length: 6.2cm | Weight: 8g
Adds extra length and a 30 degree angle to any utensil.
Pack of 3.
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